May 2016
There are nine new drawings on the sketchbook page. I forgot to mention this in the January update: I have a two-page color comic featuring the guy from Renaming of the Birds in Over the Line, a great anthology of "poetry comics." And Joel Rust and I have just been awarded Jerwood Opera Writing Fellowships to help us develop Blue Fire, a science-fiction opera we are currently writing.

January 2016
I've just added a chunk of new artwork to the sketchbook page. I recently contributed three blog posts to the blog for Carcanet's New Poetries VI: one, two and three. There are just a few dozen copies of Renaming of the Birds left to buy. I think that's all the news for now. Sometimes I get emails asking if and when Buttercup Festival will restart. The answers to those questions are (1) yes, but (2) no time soon. My days are busy with lots of interesting things, but not, sadly, comics. But I do have a notebook dedicated to ideas and jokes for future BF strips: 48 and counting. So there is hope!