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September 2018
Last month gave Joel Rust and I the chance to work with even more fabulous people on The Conifers, our sci-fi opera. And I have four new poems in the excellently named journal Meat For Tea (the lotus blossom issue), plus two poems in the recent issue of Under the Radar.

June 2018
New things in the sketchbook. If you live in southeast England, maybe come to this event on August 24th and listen to about half of the opera I have been writing with Joel Rust, followed by a q&a session. I have a poem in Wretched Strangers, a new anthology for an age of migrants.

September 2017
It's been too long, it's been too long. As I write this I'm in the final throes of my PhD, weighing up options for the future. The giddy slipstream of change and uncertainty. There are a bunch of new pieces in the sketchbook (the last new one is the sketch featuring the BF guy). And speaking of the Buttercup Festival guy, I thought I'd teasingly mention that the notebook in which I write scripts for future BF strips now has over 60 entries, and I've put drawing pen to paper on a few new strips for a new series. Don't hold your breath, not just yet. But things are slowly, slowly in the works.

Other creative projects? It's been a great year of working on The Conifers (formerly called Blue Fire), the opera I'm writing with Joel Rust with support from Aldeburgh Music, who have given us the chance to workshop material with some wonderful singers and musicians. Here's a little interview we gave about it.

I've got a couple new poems over at Antiphon Review (there are audio recordings of me reading them, if that sort of thing thrills you).

Renaming of the Birds has now sold out: the last thirteen copies were bought in fine style by a small Canadian start-up that wanted a copy each for their board members.

This means that there's not much left to buy here, but anyone looking for a lovely gift for themselves and/or someone else is encouraged to check out Standing in the Sea, a postcard collaboration with my excellent printmaking friend Laurie. Each set is £ 5 + shipping. Can we tempt you?

Where to?
Thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger, now. (old news)

My name is David Troupes. Sometimes, though not at the moment, I produce a comic strip called Buttercup Festival. I also write and publish poetry, other creative work, and critical/academic writing. Buttercup Festival exists in two series: the more recent Series 2 came to an end in 2013 and can be perused above (or begin reading here), and the much older Series 1 is buried here. I've also got a sketchbook page I update sometimes. Want to know a little more about me and my work?

In July 2015 a selection of my recent poetry was included in Carcanet's New Poetries VI anthology. I have published two full-length collections with Two Ravens Press, The Simple Men (2012) and Parsimony (2009), both of which are sold out. I've also published smaller groups of poems and collaborations. See the poetry page for more details.

Renaming of the Birds
Renaming of the Birds is an illustrated storybook about a young clerk who is assigned to rename all the birds in his town. The book takes the form of a journal kept by the clerk, and proceeds through a whole year, as he ventures farther and farther into the woods, looking for new birds to rename. He ends up sleeping outdoors, travelling all around, building a winter den and going a bit crazy. I self-published Renaming of the Birds in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign, and it has now sold out.


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